Sandblasting and Industrial Coating

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We provide sandblasting (abrasive blasting) and industrial coating services in our industrial-sized blasting and paint booths.

Sandblasting Services:

  • We sandblast to remove paint, coatings, or rust from your equipment,
    prepare surfaces for coating, and give a profile to fresh steel.
  • We employ state-of-the-art equipment and blast practices.
  • We use high-quality blast media—from copper slag for general abrasive blasting
    to glass beads for finer finishing on stainless steel.

Coating Services:

  • We offer coating services for equipment, steel, concrete, ductwork, and more.
  • We have coatings available for sale. (Call for information.)
  • Our experts help you choose the right coatings for the job, and we can match
    nearly any color.
  • We apply all types of coatings, including heavy-duty epoxy primers, enamels,
    urethane, and zinc.
  • Our high-quality polymeric coatings are fume-free and consist of 100% solids.
  • Our advanced coatings provide superior resistance to chemicals, UV light,
    extreme weather, and other corrosion-causing agents.
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Take a tour of some of our sandblasting and coating/painting projects:

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